CulinarySuite: Cloud-Based Software Built for Foodservice Enterprises.

CulinarySuite: Cloud-Based Software Built for Foodservice Enterprises.

Helping foodservice providers of all sizes drive profits, control costs, and optimize labor, in one easy-to-use solution.

CulinarySuite platform
CulinarySuite platform
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A Complete
Foodservice Software

CulinarySuite is a fully cloud-hosted solution to streamline and unify your end-to-end food service needs. Automate your business process from internal, back of house operations, to customer-facing menu functions, and everything in between.

CulinarySuite system integration

Integrate with your Existing Systems and Build Upon your Legacy.

CulinarySuite is designed to work on modern APIs to integrate with just about any system in your IT landscape. Whether in practice with our various tech partners or by client request, CulinarySuite seamlessly integrates with 3rd party business systems, EDI, Supply Chain Vendor systems, HL7 Integration with hospital and other industry systems on a real-time basis, EPOS, accounting, regulatory compliance software, and more.

CulinarySuite system integration

Best-in-Class Features
That Deliver Value

Explore the features below to see how CulinarySuite helps solve key problems in your business.

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Create and store all your recipes on a centralized platform, making it easy to collaborate with your team, sharing recipes between multiple locations and having a single “source of truth.”

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Get organized and plan your menus so you can schedule the right meals for the right day or time of year. The dynamic menu functionalities allow you to manage different menu rotations.

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Be transparent with your customers. CulinarySuite automatically calculates nutrition, calories, and allergens for your menu by analyzing the ingredients and their quantities.

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Have a complete picture of what’s occurring with inventory in real-time, enabling your organization to adjust more quickly, as needed. Always know what you have on hand and what you need to run your business.

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CulinarySuite helps you more accurately predict food demand and inventory needs. The system generates suggested orders based on par levels, sales forecasts, and on-hand inventory levels.
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Order Entry

Personalize meal orders based on defined dietary and nutritional recommendations, tray tracking with positive patient verification for accuracy.

Industries Where
We Operate

With over 20+ years of industry experience, CulinarySuite is designed to deliver value to the following.

healthcare and assisted living

Healthcare &
Assisted Living

Automatically produce tray tickets based on patient/resident orders by meal period, room, and more. Connect your HER system(s) to generate real-time patient/resident info.

School Districts

School Districts

User-friendly meal pattern analysis and nutrition analysis ensure your program is compliant with all USDA requirements across multiple school districts at once.

colleges and universities

Colleges & Universities

With intuitive menu management, food production/procurement, and cost analysis, equip your operations to run more efficiently in the ever-changing college & university experience.

correctional facilities

With seamless mobile integration, this all-in-one solution  enhances  your  foodservice experience at correctional facilities, detention centers, ghost kitchens, and dining halls.


business and industry

Business & Industry

Whether a self-op or contracted with an FMC, we equip your operation to run more efficiently with reduced waste and enhanced automation.

The Highest Standards. The Happiest Clients and Customers

Hear how our clients feel about our solution.
Jeff Fell

Jeff Fell

Sr Culinary Director

Quest Food Management Services logo

“Now we have an all-in-one product”

With CulinarySuite we are being able to have a program that will reduce our food cost and be able to function with our multiple lines of business while saving time. But is not only the platform, the team is impeccable.

Jeff Fell

Maureen Young

Menu Management Specialist

Tracey Wells

Lead Systems Specialist

“Great partnership with Culinary Digital”

Their dedication to our system and their openness to suggestions is evident in all aspects of the system…We appreciate their creative approach to bringing our menus to life.

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