Automated, Scalable, and Dietary Compliant Solution for Your Cafeteria

December 22, 2021
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Customer retention, shifting demographics, manual processes, and changing economies are some significant challenges various food service managers face today. Foodservice operations need advanced products like CulinarySuite (CS) Lite, to streamline menu planning, recipe catalogues, nutritional analysis, cost analysis, production management, and more.

CS Lite is a new solution built on the expertise and success of our flagship foodservice management suite, effectively overseeing the day-to-day operations of cafeterias. From production management to food costing, foodservice professionals today rely on business platforms like CulinarySuite Lite to equip their kitchen staff to function more effectively with reduced food waste and automation.

This SaaS-based product provides everything needed at their fingertips with customizable dashboards, reports, and workflows. With this solution, food catering practitioners can reduce food waste by up to 3.75% with efficient food production and 3% food costs through better decision-making. There are 3 features at the core of the right platform that helps achieve business objectives:

CulinarySuite platform

Menu Planning

Menu planning is the process of deciding and creating a series of dishes for a meal to ensure that the offering fits the consumer’s taste preferences and the business’s regulatory and margin requirements. Daily activities and scheduling variations may often complicate the menu planning process, including:

  • Time and effort spent manually creating and managing menus
  • Increasing customers’ nutrients, allergens, and dietary preferences
  • Evolving food items and shortages often result in constantly changing menus
  • Lack of integration and manually creating the same menu for digital displays

CS Lite provides simple, intuitive menu planning with custom branding by the cafeteria. With this product, customers can effectively create a compliant menu and scale recipes and manage production records. The stop-and-go menu compliance with USDA or any other health compliance requirements makes their tasks much easier. The various costing, nutritional analysis, and reporting tools make this process simple and down to a button click.

Chef planning a menu with CS lite
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Nutrition Analysis

CS Lite provides users with a full suite of nutritional analysis features, including USDA integration, food cost updates, allergen information, reporting, and other pertinent data for food products, recipes, and menus. It provides both your culinary team and customers with a comprehensive nutritional overview commanded by modern software.

  • Ensure compliance with the nutrition analysis features integrated with the USDA food nutrition database.
  • Automatically update nutritional and ingredient statements in real-time.
  • Get your REAL cost per plate and give customers REAL nutrition/allergens/ingredients access based on what you serve in real-time and within your budget.
Cafeteria employees making a nutrition analysis of the menus
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Recipe Catalogues

With CS Lite, foodservice professionals can easily create and manage recipe catalogues from a central location, giving their kitchen staff the high-level visibility and control needed to effectively manage their food products, recipes, and menus.

  • Maintain recipe catalogs from the corporate level or allow each account to manage its own set of recipes.
  • Quickly and easily set up variants for ingredients within your recipes directly from your menu based on your stock available.
  • Scale and print out menus for the week based on forecasted amounts to limit waste from your kitchens.

CS Lite helps kitchen staff the best way to manage their valuable time, ensuring otherwise lost hours are well utilized. With straightforward monthly licensing, there are no hidden costs or surprises.

Cafeteria owners managing the recipe catalog
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